Business intelligence
for the ski sector

Insights from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to help you reach your business goals

Help you with high quality knowledge about your customers and their behavior

Skitude collects data insights about the ski sector from millions of skiers before, during and after their ski days. The data is collected during the booking & purchasing processes, while they are having fun at ski resorts and sharing their experiences online with others once at home. Skitude fulfills all skiers’ journey, from sofa to sofa.

This allows us to answer all those questions you’ve always had in mind, the ones you never imagined having answers to and to those you didn’t even think about.

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The largest active ski community

Growing season by season, the Skitude community, thanks to its network of apps, the sale of ski days and its social platform, is becoming the largest active community of skiers in the world.

Skiers who regularly check the status of ski resorts, buy their ski passes and purchase or hire other services, track their ski days, share their activity with others, are impacted by marketing campaigns, etc. through the Skitude system.


Increase customer knowledge to improve your business

Who are they?

We provide information on your customers through statistical profiles based on socio-economic and demographic variables and aspects unique to the sector (such as skiing level, preferred brands, etc.). We also use machine learning classification algorithms. Understanding who customers are helps to understand their needs and thus to tailor services and focus marketing campaigns to maximise their effectiveness.

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How do they behave?

We prepare a complete and detailed analysis of your customers’ experience before, during and after a day of skiing. We help you find out in detail when and how they interact with your services, or those provided by others, in order to detect patterns of behaviour or incidents. Through statistical inference and experimental analysis, we can thus discover the reasons behind certain customer behaviours.

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How will they behave?

By using the Big Data captured through our products in combination with advances in Artificial Intelligence, we can provide you with predictive models specifically adapted to the needs of the snow sector, including predictions on the use of facilities or visitor volumes, queue management, etc. These models enable us to develop, for example, dynamic pricing systems.

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How can their experience be improved?

By integrating the knowledge acquired and data processed, we can offer tools that enhance customers’ experiences, such as customised resort guides. We are also able to develop other systems that are capable of learning from the data generated by our users to improve their experience, such as recommendation algorithms.

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